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On the short commute to church, a song came on the radio that I really like. Considering that our local Christian station still plays “hits” from Amy Grant’s first LP, it was quite odd.  I remember saying “I love this song” out loud and asked my friend to turn it up.  He misheard me and never changed the volume, so I tuned everything else out and focused on intently listening to the song.  To my surprise the music seemed to grow in volume.  Each word fell on my ears with greater clarity than before.  When the song ended, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me.

He said that getting close to God is like what I had just done trying to hear to my song.  It wasn’t about asking God to get louder thus drowning out the noise of my life.  It is about pressing in to hear God’s voice at the level He is currently speaking, while letting the cacophony of life fade away.  I sat there dumbfounded.  In a split second, God had deposited a thought so simple, yet so profound into my life; press in to God and the cares of this world will fade away.

During church, our pastor’s wife, Christine, got up to share an encouraging story.  Her story bore the same spiritual DNA as my God encounter in the car.  God was trying to teach me something.  I asked her to share her story, in writing.  Here is what she shared.

“As a Florida girl, a swimming pool and a sunny afternoon were the perfect combination most months out of the year.  I loved to swim! I loved the crazy activity of it: diving, cannonballs, Marco Polo with my brother.  I could be found with stickers on and baby oil to get a ‘tattoo’ from the sun on occasion.  But what I loved the most was putting on goggles and slipping down to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool, laying there for as long as I could hold my breath.   I would release air slowly so I could sink to the bottom and not struggle to stay down.  I could see the bright sun differently breaking through the clear water.  There were hardly any other noises and in the silence, the view was captivating to me.  That kind of ‘full immersion’ allowed a different viewpoint of the very, same sky I was under day after day.

Just over 3 years ago, we celebrated the birth of our third child, Eli, our bonus baby.  He is a blessing unexpected; a gift beyond our wildest dreams.  In the weeks following his birth, in the midst of sleepless nights, disconnection from church and friends, and the normal routine of life of connected with God through worship and the Word, a darkness crept into the vacancy and threatened to steal my joy, my song.

The song of my life is the testimony and love letter written on my heart by God himself.    It’s chorus full of the remembrance of who God is and how real He has been and continues to be in my life. It is the testimony of Him: pursuing me, rescuing me, redeeming me and saving me.  It is the power of His presence to change and remold me over and over. To be more like Him, as I yield to His strong and gentle hands.  The more time that passed for me, “out of the pool” so to speak, of worship and relationship with God, the harder it was to remember my letter or sing my song.   In the quiet of the night during a middle of the night feeding, the Lord whispered to me,

“Get back in the pool”

Slip under the abundant waters of grace, mercy, presence, truth, and power

Sink to the bottom

Breathe out the cares, needs, questions and fears long enough to see and hear Him clearly again

And an amazing thing happened…

I found my song and began to sing it again.”