“2016. I remember writing that year down in the fourth grade, circa 1980, and thinking “that is light years ahead”. Well, here we are. 2016 finds me grateful for God’s provision. A friend of the ministry has pledged to help us become an active 501c3.
As you may or may not many know I left behind the financial security of Sea World, 3 years ago this May. I left to minister full time to men struggling with homosexuality. For 3 years God has produced financial miracles and personal checks.
It never gets easier to ask for financial support. It’s easier to hire myself out and exhaust myself to get money and then also do the full time work of ministry, than to ask for help. It comes down to knowing that God has called me into this ministry, having faith to step out in obedience and asking for help. I am willing to go out and reach the lost. Would you be willing to help me achieve that goal?
Big Fish Ministry is a house ministry, Internet mentoring and an in person one on one style ministry. As the Director, I share Jesus Christ with so many men. The Holy Spirit has been leading me to broken, 19 year-old, straight guys lately. I helped a kid change the oil in his car, which led to a full auto detail. This sparked a conversation later on where he shared more of his story. God is using a 44 year-old, retired dolphin trainer to reach lost 19 year old guys. Yay God!
A few months back, God said to me – No matter what, tell them about Jesus; it’s all about Jesus. I thought, “Haven’t I been doing that God?” Here’s what he was saying. There are so many people with different problems needing help. Don’t get overwhelmed and go into Fix-It mode. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

Big Fish Ministry is in great financial need. Unforeseen expenses and promised donations never materialized. There are several ways that you can help. The first is prayer. Lift up the guys I mentor, me personally and that we meet our budget.

Third, there are three potential mission trips. Without financial support we will not be able to go. God has placed Lancaster, PA on my heart. There are currently 6 people there that I am either actively mentoring, or speaking to for “spiritual maintenance”.

Fourth, we have a large mission trip to Alaska in June. In preparation for that we have been accepting monetary donations through a Go Fund Me account. We are also accepting material donations: clothing, furniture, etc. for a gigantic garage sale to take place in the spring – https://www.gofundme.com/AlCanMission

In summary. We covet your prayers and I humbly request your financial support. Partner with us so that the guys God is leading me to can ultimately become rescuers in the fight: ready, willing and able to give, out of what they have been given. Thank you.” – Matthew Aaron

Donations can be made through:

Our website- BigFishMinistry.org – by clicking on the ‘Support’ Tab on the home page.

PayPal via BigFishMinistry@gmail.com
Venmo- a money sharing app using Matthewawalker@aol.com – Venmo is great because it accesses no fees.

Material items – We can pick them up or you are more than welcome to drop them off at the Big Fish Ministry house.

REMINDER – Donations are not currently eligible for tax deductions.